Professor of Georgetown University gives lecture at BSU


Toby Long, Professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Georgetown University and the Training Director of the Center for Child and Human Development, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities has given a lecture on “Autism Spectrum Disorder” and “Development Disabilities” at the faculty of Social Sciences and Psychology of BSU .

Dr. Long is an internationally known speaker and consultant on service delivery to children with disabilities and special health care needs. She is the author of multiple publications including The Handbook of Pediatric Physical Therapy, Second Edition.

She will deliver a public lection at Baku State University. Lectures are free and open to the public.

1. Autism Spectrum Disorder (Etiology, Screening and diagnosis criteria, evidence based intervention) ,

2. Development Disabilities (Behavioral considerations, Early Childhood Mental Health, DD vs ID, vs LD. ADHD).

Registration is required.

Press and Information Department, February 26, 2018